Watch This: A Poignant Documentary or a Classic Sketch Comedy

 Watch This: A Poignant Documentary or a Classic Sketch Comedy

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, our TV critic Margaret Lyons offers hyper-specific viewing recommendations in our Watching newsletter. Read her latest picks below, and sign up for the Watching newsletter here.

‘Policing the Police’
When to watch: Now, on the PBS website and YouTube, or Monday at 10 p.m., on PBS (check local listings).

This Frontline documentary first aired in 2016, and PBS is re-aring it in some areas now. It examines some of the inner workings of the Newark Police Department — whose practices were cited as unconstitutional in a 2014 report from the Justice Department — and follows Jelani Cobb, a journalist for The New Yorker, as he interviews police officers, politicians and local residents.

‘The Carol Burnett Show’
When to watch: Now, on the ShoutFactory website or the various ShoutFactory apps. (Free.)

All 11 seasons of the classic sketch series “The Carol Burnett Show” are now finally streaming, including some episodes that have not been available since they originally aired. Even though the episodes are the half-hour syndicated versions, rather than the hourlong full episodes, which remain in licensing purgatory, the glass is still more than half full. The show is pretty consistent, so just pick whichever guest you’re most interested in at the moment: Bernadette Peters, Alan Alda, Lucille Ball and George Carlin, Maggie Smith, or many, many others. a better, more fulfilling life. Sign up here.

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