Monique Van Vooren, Actress With a Diverse Résumé, Dies at 92

 Monique Van Vooren, Actress With a Diverse Résumé, Dies at 92

She appeared on Broadway twice, two decades apart. In 1953, she played multiple roles in the musical revue “John Murray Anderson’s Almanac.” In 1975, she played Venus in “Man on the Moon,” a musical written by John Phillips of the rock group the Mamas and the Papas. It closed after less than a week of performances.

Monique Bronz was born on March 25, 1927, in Brussels, the daughter of George Bronz and Louise (Van Vooren) Bronz. She often spoke about having grown up in a convent — presumably a boarding school. According to her official biography, she arrived in New York in 1950, just after appearing in her first movie, to study philosophy at New York University on a Fulbright scholarship.

When asked about the men in her life, Ms. Van Vooren once casually replied, “I’ve been married three or four times.” Biographies sometimes mention a first husband in the 1940s with the surname Jacobsen or Jakobsen. She married Curt H. Pfenniger in 1950; they separated in 1954 and later divorced. In 1958 she married Gerard W. Purcell, a producer and personal manager, and they were together until his death in 2002.

Survivors include a son, Eric Purcell, from her marriage to Mr. Pfenniger, and a granddaughter.

Ms. Van Vooren was an ardent New Yorker. But, in a cable-television interview in the late 1980s. she complained that the city’s night life had gone downhill.

“In New York we have a population of, what, 12 million?” she said, rounding up by about 30 percent. “Maybe 2,000 people a night go out.”

She also had a career as a singer. Her first album was “Mink in Hi-Fi” (1958), a mix of French and English songs. The cover showed her in nothing but diamonds and off-the-shoulder white mink. John S. Wilson’s enthusiastic New York Times review suggested that she had been “hiding her real talent under a bushel of cheesecake.”

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