Late Night on the Iowa Democrats’ Technical Difficulties

 Late Night on the Iowa Democrats’ Technical Difficulties

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Technical problems with an app held up the Iowa caucus results, and by Tuesday it still wasn’t clear who had won. (“At one point they called Florida for help,” Jimmy Fallon said.)

“One of the funnier interactions, or lack thereof tonight, was Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi standing side by side, not talking to each other for the whole time, which was kind of rude on his part because she tried really hard to make him president.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“And as always, the president invited some special guests to the gallery, with inspiring stories of enduring unimaginable hardship. For instance, Melania.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

An Iowa precinct representative interviewed by Wolf Blitzer about the caucus fiasco had a strong resemblance to Jimmy Fallon.

“The Late Show” recommends an upgrade for the Iowa Democrats.

On “The Tonight Show,” Claire Danes will talk about the end of “Homeland” and probably get roped into some silliness with Fallon.

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