Late Night Hosts Join the Anthony Fauci Fan Club

 Late Night Hosts Join the Anthony Fauci Fan Club

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The sudden fame of Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s leading expert on infectious diseases, has led to rabid fans, merchandise with his face on it and so many threats that he’s getting enhanced security. On Thursday’s “The Daily Social Distancing Show,” Trevor Noah said that no one needs more protection now than Dr. Fauci, “the man whose calm leadership during this crisis has won him the respect of all intelligent people — and President Trump.”

“I’m not sure the best way to protect a 79-year-old man right now is to surround him with people 24 hours a day.”— STEPHEN COLBERT

“Who would threaten the one guy holding this country together right now? This is like if you were on a cross-country flight and said, ‘Where is the pilot? I am going to beat his [expletive].’” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“You didn’t know that until yesterday? It’s all anyone’s been talking about since January! You’re like a guy saying, ‘You know, I finally started watching this “Game of Thrones.” No one told me there were dragons in it! This is a game-changer!’” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“Wait until he finds out about cigarettes. He may never smoke again!” — JIMMY KIMMEL

Adam Sandler debuted his new quarantine song on Thursday’s “Tonight Show.”

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