Immigrant at New Jersey facility is first ICE detainee to test positive for coronavirus

 Immigrant at New Jersey facility is first ICE detainee to test positive for coronavirus

Officials could at the very least release particularly vulnerable people, but they’re continuing to endanger lives in the midst of this growing pandemic—and being evasive about it. When a staffer at the Elizabeth Detention Center went into self-quarantine after showing COVID-19 symptoms, the facility refused to say whether the person was a medical worker. ICE has since confirmed that staffer tested positive—and that the person was a medical worker.

In a tweet, The Nation’s Ken Klippenstein revealed the approaching public health crisis that has been creeping into federal immigration detention:


Meanwhile, the Trump administration is demanding more money for more cruelty. No:


In migrant family jails, parents are also complaining about unsafe conditions. “My son and I are in a room with about nine other people,” said one asylum-seeker in a lawsuit against the Trump administration. “We sleep very close together, and there is very little space to maintain distance from other people when we are in the room. When I am laying down in my bed, I can touch the bed next to me. My son has a cough and other people in our room also have a cough. They have never quarantined the people who have a cough.”

ICE is creating a “massive public health crisis” by refusing to free people, the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project said. “With confirmed reports that an ICE staff member in Elizabeth Detention Center and a staff member in the Bergen County Jail in New Jersey have tested positive for coronavirus, it grows clearer that it is only a matter of when, not if, an outbreak of COVID-19 will ravage immigrant detention facilities.”

Free them now.

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