Daniel Radcliffe Does Not Have Coronavirus

 Daniel Radcliffe Does Not Have Coronavirus

A knock at his dressing room door announced the arrival of his dinner: chicken breasts and fries from Nandos, a popular restaurant chain specializing in peri peri chicken. Mr. Radcliffe wasn’t sure how many more meals he’d eat at the Old Vic. “You’re aware that every show could be the last,” he said.

Mr. Radcliffe was back onstage on Saturday, to a crowd, but by last Sunday evening, the Old Vic had become the first theater in London to close, albeit voluntarily. In order to save the theater from financial crisis, producers of “Endgame” asked ticket holders to consider accepting a video link to the show in lieu of a refund.

Even before being relieved of his obligations, Mr. Radcliffe was eager to be reunited with his girlfriend, the actress Erin Darke, in New York. “Honestly, I am desperately trying to get back,” he said. “I’m very much aware that this is not the main tragedy of this global pandemic, but I do not want to be not with her through whatever it is that’s happening.”

Mr. Radcliffe met Ms. Darke when he was filming “Kill Your Darlings,” in which he plays the Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, and they will celebrate their eighth anniversary in a few weeks. When they are not working, they watch movies or play board games, and are well equipped for quarantine.

“I’m going to make us sound ancient, but we play cribbage,” Mr. Radcliffe said, visibly blushing on Skype. They also enjoy a game called Welcome to Your Perfect Home. It is about urban planning. “I can’t describe it without making it sound intensely dull, but it’s very addictive,” Mr. Radcliffe said.

Has the relationship changed him in any way? The actor considered the question. “I’ve definitely gotten better at prioritizing life stuff as well as work stuff,” he said, and paused. “To be honest, I still have a long way to go.”

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