Hive Mind of Makers Rises to Meet Pandemic

It started with a fanciful email from one self-described science geek to another. “Hey, we should make a ventilator,” Dr. Chris Zahner, a University of Texas Medical Branch pathologist and former NASA engineer, wrote to Aisen Caro Chacin, an artist and medical device designer, after he learned about Italian hospitals struggling to treat the crush […]Read More

‘Tiger King’: What to Read if You’re Obsessed With the

It’s impossible to know whether or not the Netflix docu-series “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” would have become such a sensation were we not all spending most of our waking hours inside. The show’s subtitle itself feels like it was made for a different time, one in which the show really had to sell […]Read More

First Woman Drafted in N.B.A. Avoids Coronavirus, but Not Its

So devoted was she that she once soaked an injured ankle in a bucket of Epsom salt while at the movies. One summer, Rife and a cousin dragged a mattress to the park in Whitten, shooting and taking breaks until dawn approached, once calling their coach at 2 a.m. to let him know they were […]Read More

The 18 Best TV Shows for Vicarious Travel Thrills

There’s no getting around it: Most of us won’t be traveling for a good, long while. There are certainly more pressing concerns — personal health, supply lines, stocking the pantry, caring for the children — but the anticipation and inner peace of an upcoming vacation, a family gathering, or a trip abroad have now disappeared, […]Read More

More questionable stock sales show up in wealthy Republican senator’s

Loeffler has said that her stocks are managed by an investment firm and she isn’t making the decisions. This disclosure does give Loeffler some losing moves to point to to bolster her case that this is just what financial disclosures look like when you’re offensively wealthy. She and Sprecher sold off some Facebook stock, when […]Read More

Economists pan Pelosi’s proposal to lift cap on state and

Such a change would definitely be a windfall mostly for top earners, experts say. And lifting the limits retroactively, as Pelosi has suggested, would only make matters worse, while not offering many benefits to state governments that are also getting hammered by the current crisis. “This is not a good idea,” said Michael Linden, executive […]Read More

Coronavirus Live Updates: U.N. Warns of Global Instability and Conflict

Japan announced on Wednesday that it was extending a ban on entry to foreign travelers from 49 additional countries, including the Australia, China and the United States, to protect against the risk of imported infections of the coronavirus. “With the explosive expansion of infection seen mainly in Europe and America, we decided to take stronger […]Read More

Live Stock Market Tracker During Coronavirus Pandemic

Stocks on Wall Street fall in unsteady trading. U.S. stocks dipped and European indexes were unsteady on Tuesday as investors remained jittery following a period of staggering volatility in financial markets in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The S&P 500 dropped about 1 percent, and stocks in Europe pared most of their early gains. […]Read More

Coronavirus in Israel: Cases Soar Among Ultra-Orthodox Jews

BNEI BRAK, Israel — Ultra-Orthodox Jews failing to comply with government instructions to contain the coronavirus are causing it to spread so quickly that Israeli officials are considering blockading entire communities to protect the wider population. The virus is mushrooming in ultra-Orthodox communities as much as four to eight times faster than elsewhere in Israel. […]Read More

Coronavirus Ended the Screen-Time Debate. Screens Won.

The screen-time surrender isn’t just a San Francisco phenomenon. Daniela Helitzer, a doctor of audiology in Boca Raton, Fla., said screen time used to be a constant debate among the parents in her town. She had some friends with toddlers who had never even seen a television turned on before this. Not anymore. “We’ve all […]Read More