Where Group Prayer Meets Group Fitness

At first glance, the streaming fitness class looks like any other: blue yoga mats against a neutral background, with ambient music and candles to set the mood. Two athleisure-clad instructors, flanked by hand weights, introduce themselves. The giveaway is the flash of a wooden crucifix. “Surrender all and prepare yourself to go on this journey […]Read More

Late Night: Who Could Obama Possibly Have Been Talking About?

“[As Karl Rove] Yes, what Obama did there was a political drive-by shooting. He really crip-walked all over America’s norms. I mean, this was not the time for a rap battle. Because this is Donald Trump’s movie, and Obama is talking loudly during it. What a black day in American history.” — TREVOR NOAH “OK, […]Read More

Belmont Stakes to Run June 20 as First Leg of

The Belmont will be run on June 20, before both the Derby and the Preakness Stakes for the first time in history. Those races have been moved to the fall. The Belmont will be run at a mile and an eighth rather than its usual marathon mile and a half distance, and its purse has […]Read More

Beach Towns Ask: Will There Be Summer?

In summer resort towns across the United States, livelihoods for the year are built in the 15 weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It is during those 15 weeks that tourists from around the country and the world arrive to bask on the beach and gather for festivals and weddings. And it is during […]Read More

Senate Republicans plan to manufacture more ‘Obamagate’ lies for Trump

Graham has said he does not  want to subpoena former President Barack Obama, but that doesn’t mean his partisan investigation won’t give Trump the excuse to keep ranting about “Obamagate.” After all, he’s shown he doesn’t need any actual substance, telling Fox News viewers: “It was the greatest political crime in the history of our country,” and: “If I […]Read More

Trump’s reopening troubles play out in his White House

“I haven’t seen Mike Pence, and I miss him,” Trump said on Wednesday during a meeting with governors. One White House official said Pence hadn’t been to the West Wing in a little more than a week. The positive diagnoses of Miller and the president’s valet quickly upended the West Wing’s routines, even if some […]Read More

Online Survey for Health Professionals on a Healthy Recovery from

WHO invites health professionals globally to participate in a brief survey about their country’s – and the world’s – efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and other public health emergencies. This survey is being carried out by George Mason University on behalf of the World Health Organization-Civil Society Working Group on Climate Change and […]Read More

As Coronavirus Crushes Small Restaurants, Big Chains See Room To

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Prime storefronts left empty by failed businesses. Cheaper or even flexible rents. Landlords willing to add drive-thru lanes. As the coronavirus permanently shutters some small businesses, big fast-food brands like Domino’s Pizza, Chipotle and Wendy’s that were doing well before the crisis want to grow – or continue pre-existing expansion plans […]Read More

F.B.I. Finds Links Between Pensacola Gunman and Al Qaeda

WASHINGTON — The gunman in last year’s deadly shooting at a military base in Florida had been in touch with Al Qaeda for years and regularly spoke to the group’s operatives, including the night before the attack, the heads of the Justice Department and F.B.I. said on Monday, accusing Apple of costing them valuable time […]Read More

Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Brain – The New York Times

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. You can sign up here to receive it weekdays. To understand the world, you need to understand Mark Zuckerberg. I’m serious. That’s because Zuckerberg rules absolute over Facebook, a product that helps shape what billions of people believe, and how governments interact with their citizens. “Facebook […]Read More

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