‘A Coward And A Commander’: Attack On Trump By Jim

The Never Trumper Republicans of The Lincoln Project have mobilized former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’s scathing broadside against the president in their latest attack on Donald Trump. “This is the story of a coward and a commander,” begins the ad released Friday. It notes that Trump “dodged the draft,” and now the “frightened” president “hides from […]Read More

Comfort Viewing: Three Reasons I Love ‘Riverdale’

A month ago, in the middle of what would become the fourth season finale of “Riverdale,” the teen mogul Veronica Lodge (played by Camila Mendes) took an informal poll: “Who has experience in getting rid of a dead body?” She and four of her five classmates raised their hands high. Welcome to “Riverdale,” a little […]Read More

As Trump Rekindles N.F.L. Fight, Goodell Sides With Players

The protracted debate in the N.F.L. over players protesting racial injustice during the national anthem reignited with force on Friday as President Trump rekindled his war with the league over the issue and the league’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, issued his strongest support yet for the players seeking to fight racism and police brutality. In a […]Read More

Is It Safe to Go to a Pool During Coronavirus?

The weather is finally turning and you’re ready for that cherished summer tradition: spending the day lounging by the outdoor pool or splashing through a water park. But is the pandemic going to dash your watery summer dreams? If you’re safe and understand the risks, not necessarily. First, the growing consensus among experts is that […]Read More

U.N. chief, Friday for Future activists call for bolder global

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day (WED)—an annual event the U.N. has held since 1974 to raise awareness and generate political momentum around environmental issues—is biodiversity, or the variety and variability of life in a particular place or on the entire planet. “With our increasing demands, humans have pushed nature beyond its limit,” explains an official WED 2020 […]Read More

How the U.S. economic response could change as people go

Republicans have raised concerns that the enhanced unemployment benefits could discourage people from returning to work, because in some cases they are making more than their original wages. Stephen Moore, a conservative economist and outside adviser to President Donald Trump, said Friday that the topline number of jobs being created could have been higher for […]Read More

Update on progress on Cystic echinococcosis  control in Mongolia

Cystic echinococcosis (CE) is most common in poor pastoral communities and it is highly endemic in most areas of Mongolia where it presents as a major health burden, especially to the nomadic communities.  In the last few years increased efforts have been made to control echinococcosis in Mongolia. 1. Development of the “Action Plan for […]Read More

The Sea’s Weirdest Creatures, Now in ‘Staggering’ Detail

The bizarre life of the sea’s middle depths has long been a challenge to see, study and fathom. The creatures of that realm live under crushing pressures at icy temperatures in pitch darkness. The fluid environment is unbound by gravity and hard surfaces, so natural selection allows for a riotous array of unfamiliar body parts […]Read More

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